Selecting a Strain Gage on This Site
Our strain gages are arranged by categories that best depict their usage.  To begin the gage selection process, move to our Strain Gage selection page where you will find this menu, truncated here.  Each category may contain several different gage series which appear as you hover over the menu.  In every case the temperature operating range is listed. Subjecting  a gage to temperatures outside its operating range can lead to gage damage.  Click on the series of interest in the menu.
Choose Gage Series
Review Properties Table and Select Gage Pattern
Additional  data including  strain limit, fatigue life and recommended adhesives are found in the series properties table on each page.
The left column contains the gage pattern designation.  Adjacent columns show the dimensions of the sensing element and the backing upon which it is mounted.  These can assist in determining if the gage will fit in the space available on the test piece.
When you have decided on a gage pattern, left click on it to continue with the selection process.
Select the STC Number
Use the drop-down box to choose the STC number from those available in this gage series. To learn about the Self Temperature Compensation (STC) value, read here.  By clicking on the View button, you can identify gages in the same series with various STCs and lead wires that are available for next week delivery.
Choose the Lead Wire
Basic Lead Wire                             
Connecting                      Terminal
Integral Lead Wire
Our Basic gages are all equipped with "whisker" leads - 30mm long fine wires factory soldered to the tabs on the gage backing.  To run the lead wires to the instrument recording data, insulated extension wire must be joined to the whisker leads  on connecting terminals with two copper strips where a whisker is soldered at one end and the mating insulated wire soldered at the other.  To perform this task quickly requires dexterity and practice.
Virtually all our gages are available with Integral Lead Wire - insulated wire pre-joined to the whisker leads at the factory, greatly facilitating gage installation in most situations.  Both 2-wire and 3-wire configurations are available in standard lead lengths of 1, 3 or 5m.  Custom lengths can be made to order.  Contact us for pricing and delivery. 
This screen is where you choose  your lead wire by selecting from the drop-down box. Note that in some gage series  leads with different temperature limits are offered.  The higher limit leads are always more expensive.  After choosing leads, press the Get Price and Delivery button to obtain price and delivery data.  You also have the opportunity to move your selection to your shopping cart with a single click.